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"Little Pitchers Have Big Fears"

Written by
Barbara Avedon

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 22, 1964
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Darrin discovers that Samantha has been entertaining a guest each morning after he leaves for work. The guest is ten year old Marshall Bums. Marshall's mother is a widow, whose overprotectiveness has robbed Marshall of all self-confidence. Darrin tells Samantha she has no right to interfere with Mrs. Burns' upbringing of her son. Despite Marshall's belief that he is no good at anything, Samantha takes him to a Junior League ball game. Marshall has never been able to make the team. Floyd Kravitz, nephew of Gladys Kravitz, is the star player. With a little witchery on Samantha's part, Marshall becomes a triple threat. When his mother, fearful that he may be injured, forbids him to play, Marshall runs away from home. Samantha and Darrin drive Mrs. Burns to the ballfield. There, Marshall, in his own right, has continued to star. However, when Marshall gets into a tight spot, Darrin forbids Samantha from interfering. Marshall makes it on his own. Proud of her son, Mrs. Burns is not unhappy when Coach Gribben suggest that he visit the Burns home to give Marshall some extra coaching.

Guest cast: June Lockhart [Lost in Space] as Mrs. Burns, Jimmy Mathers as Marshall Burns, Byron Keith as Coach Gribben, Joel Davison as Floyd Kravitz, Art Lewis as the brush salesman, Joe Brooks as the umpire, Greger Vigen as the player.

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