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"Be It Ever So Mortgaged"

Written by
Barbara Avedon

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 24, 1964

Endora is disgusted when Samantha refuses to use supernatural powers to cope with the routine tasks of a suburban housewife. Faced with the problem of baking a cake, Samantha, in desperation, does resort to witchcraft, which also comes in handy when she inspects the house Darrin plans to buy for them. To convince Endora that the house can be livable, Samantha transforms it in her own curious way. Gladys Kravitz, a nosey neighbor, is shocked into hysterics as furniture and landscaping appear and vanish under her eyes. Abner Kravitz is convinced his wife is losing her mind, especially when Gladys reports that Darrin, mistaking her for Samantha's mother, kissed her. Endora cynically watches from the roof as Darrin and Samantha embrace in their new home.

Guest cast: None.

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