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"I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha"

Written by
Sol Saks

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 17, 1964
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats

Samantha and Darrin appear to be an ideally matched couple. Very much in love, they decide to many. Darrin doesn't know that Samantha, is, of all things, a witch. On their wedding night, Samantha' s mother, Endora, a witch, of course, visits her daughter. Regretting that her daughter has married an "ordinary mortal", she is bent on breaking up the marriage. After pleading with her mother not to interfere, Samantha decides to tell her husband that he has unknowingly married a witch. To convince Darrin of her magic powers, Samantha performs a series of tricks. Darrin makes herpromise never to practice her witchcraft again. Sheila, a former girlfriend of Darrin's, invites the newly weds to a dinner party. She makes every effort to embarrass Samantha before the guests. After enduring Sheila's snubs and insults, Samantha cannot resist evening the score. She employs her extraordinary powers to humiliate Sheila. Later, at home, Darrin rebukes his wife but admits Sheila deserved the tricks played on her.

Guest cast: Nancy Kovack as Sheila, Gene Blakely as Dave, Lindsay Workman as the doctor, Paul Barselow as the bartender.

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